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Vancouver International Student Health Home

Boren Tang health care professionals started the clinical service  devoting to provide health care services for international students in Vancouver in needs of medical and health assistance. Since 2011, we have already treated thousands of international student patients, which covered all age levels from middle school students to college students.

There are various types of diseases, such as colds and fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, insomnia, acne, skin diseases, menstrual diseases, cervical spine diseases, low back pain and other common diseases in young people.

During the interactions with many student patients, we became familiar with their specific needs and how they adapted to new life styles as they study abroad on their own which make them even more vulnerable to sickness and in many cases they often chose to delay treatments because there is no convenient and reliable health care professionals available to them, which increased physical and mental pain and influenced their studies and personal lives. Therefore, in response to the needs of international students here, and the stress they face adapting to the new environment and environmental changes, this service platform is specially set up to provide them with friendly health care and a convienent route for doctor-patient communication.

On the occasion of the establishment of this international student health platform, we launched corresponding medical discount service activities for international students.

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Free cervical and lumbar examination
Free health consultation
* Please bring a valid student ID when you first visit.